Garden decoration ideas next to the house

Garden decoration. If your home has a long narrow area, do not know where to find gardening ideas next to the house. How to look good We recommend that you use hardscape to help. By defining the corridor area in a straight line They should use sandstone materials for flooring because they are suitable for outdoor use and will not slip when wet You should then set your sights on which might be a stylish bench that goes well with your garden style. But if the bench is not easy to use outside the house

You could even make a stucco bench. Because you will not worry about the use of furniture. And if your home has a fence or wall that does not look attractive. May find wooden battens to cover the eyes Paint it to look fresh (recommended that if you use a lighter color, it will make your garden look softer) if you want to landscaping next to the house. To look lively, you can find dolls or statues that are similar in many similar styles to put together to create a color for your garden quite a bit.

Garden decoration ideas next to the house

1. Planting species 

The barriers of the fence line and the house, such as the Mok Lan Tam deli Heliconia, will provide more privacy.

2. Sandstone walkway

Used in pine. Since it is easy to find, there are many colors of red, yellow, green and white sandstone, but red sandstone is the easiest to buy and cheaper than other colors.

3. Stucco bench 

Made of clay bricks, sculpted into a chair shape Then plastered with a color mortar. And mold the hands into a pattern on the armrests and the backrest according to your taste.

4.Garden dolls 

If your home garden is Balinese style Should use the unique stone sculptures of this garden style. If it is a tropical garden or a Thai garden, may choose to use clay dolls that will look good together.