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What kind of air purifying plants

What kind of air purifying plants

Air purifying plants, for a house with a spacious area Trees planted in a fenced house It is an alternative that besides getting plants to help prevent toxic dust. still get shady and privacy for residents as well For residents with limited space such as condos or dormitories that are

5 popular plants in the house

5 popular plants in the house

Plants in the house. Change the space in the house to enjoy the peace in the midst of nature. With the charm of the green space created by beautiful plants, ready to make every corner of the house full of aesthetics and vitality. Because every little thing has meaning. As well as landscaping in

Garden decoration ideas next to the house

Garden decoration ideas next to the house

Garden decoration. If your home has a long narrow area, do not know where to find gardening ideas next to the house. How to look good We recommend that you use hardscape to help. By defining the corridor area in a straight line They should use sandstone materials for

How to grow "Spring onions", green onion

How to grow “Spring onions”, green onion

Spring onions From the news , green onion dyed in green, it makes me think that nowadays we have to risk buying food Or raw materials to bring in more food So if we can grow some vegetables, eat them. Or create your own food source We will be able to reduce

"Arrange a garden" to increase the feng shui strength

“Arrange a garden” to increase the feng shui strength

Arrange a garden to increase the feng shui strength. When speaking to the corners outside the house remind you of anything? How good will it be if our house has an outside corner to sit and chill? Hang out with friends Get a cool breeze It also helps adjust the feng shui to the home

"Ideas for small garden" in narrow spaces

“Ideas for small garden” in narrow spaces

Small garden having green spaces in the house is an important component that helps create a pleasant atmosphere around the house. Even if your home has limited space, it can be gardening, planting trees, adding realism to the home with ideas for landscaping a small space, it is not.   Create a

6 Reviews for "landscaping a newbie", beautiful

6 Reviews for “landscaping a newbie”, beautiful

Landscaping, anyone who says a beginner will make a beautiful garden, absolutely stunning, to sit and enjoy the view, come here, come and take a look at these wonderful experiences of these famous people, you will definitely be stunned and amazed. Because they all started landscaping

"The roof garden of the house", relaxing garden

“The roof garden of the house”, relaxing garden

The roof garden , when the homeowners want to transform the open space on the 6-storey house in Ari, into a well-designed rooftop that can be used as a party corner, lounging with family and friends. Therefore creating a beautiful garden zone that is ready to

7 "beautiful gardens", idea to change your gardens

7 “beautiful gardens”, idea to change your gardens

From both natural disasters and epidemics on the other hand, the incident brought us back more at home and began to see more of the importance of nature in the garden. The people searching for inspirational gardens full of ideas for ordinary people to learn with us. Today