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Home decoration art with flowers

Home decoration art with flowers

Home decoration art, how do flowers in a beautiful garden bring happiness and joy to visitors? The flowers in a small house give freshness. The warmth of the owner can be.  Flowers are not just precious to the heart. But also chosen to decorate the corners of the

Pick up your favorite "bike" to decorate your house

Pick up your favorite “bike” to decorate your house

If talking about your favorite bike Nobody wants to leave the house outside, but if the area of ​​the house is limited, what to do? When bicycles are more than just a vehicle and spinning exercise Instead, it turns out to be a modern home decoration ready to bring the mood to your favorite corner

"Picture frame", match with the pictures

“Picture frame”, match with the pictures

Picture frame, another problem that is often encounter by many people who enjoy art is that. What kind of frame should I choose to match with the beautiful pictures I own? Until sometimes it is a thought that should not be overlooked. In fact, we

When the world started to become "colorful"

When the world started to become “colorful”

Colorful, short words of various meanings with clear positive energy. It is a word that can indicate the uniqueness of a planet called “Earth”, a planet that is most comprehensive than the rest of the universe. When the world started to become colorful The joy

How to "decorate" a so cool home with art

How to “decorate” a so cool home with art

Decorate beautiful paintings, works of our favorite artists. In addition to being a collector’s destination Home decor lovers often choose a beautiful piece of art to add color to their beloved home. But sometimes there are problems that distract us in the end, I do

Application of "art for living"

Application of “art for living”

Art for living as everyone knows The most important thing to human life is the four factors: habitat, food, clothing. And medicine We need housing to protect against external hazards. We need food to keep our bodies healthy. We need clothing or clothing to cover our bodies from heat

"Modern art", Modern Age

“Modern art”, Modern Age

Modern Art 1800 – present It began at the end of the 18th century in France. Due to the prosperity of science and technology Resulting. In a drastic change in the arts both form and purpose Especially creating paintings Modern artists. They are moving away from their academic adherence (Academic).

"Venus in the Shell", an exhibition on the wall

“Venus in the Shell”, an exhibition on the wall

Khun Yoon Pannapat Techamethakun, Thai artist and illustrator She used to create storybooks to promote her collection for Gucci Tian and to collaborate on drawing for Instagram. Recently, she has held her own solo exhibition entitled “ Venus in the Shell”, a collection of works. She has drawn since 2019