How to decorate the house

“Home” should be built for the happiness of the residents’ convention. And being human is to live together happily. Get in touch with nature And was in a good environment to design the house Important things to take into account There are several reasons as follows

Allocation of space Organizing your home space

In proportion can reduce conflicts within your home, such as listening to music, watching TV, doing homework, sleeping, eating, cooking, socializing, or saving energy when using air conditioning. Or protect sound and odor Or prevent mosquitoes

Natural light 

Arrangement of all areas get natural light Help to create a pleasant atmosphere Natural light should come from Upper part of the room Will make the light distribution well and the light is not glare, so the ceiling color should be a bright color, the wall color if the color is too bright will be bright. Therefore should be slightly darker

Ventilation Rooms

That should use the principles of natural ventilation include bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, rest rooms, etc.

Air conditioning the bedroom

The room where people spend the most time. Use air conditioning most of the time. Bedroom must therefore be designed in a cool room condition. Is that it has good heat insulation Therefore will use a small air conditioner Then so as not to waste power The position of the cooler must not be disturbed and heat recovery will not be reused. Section of the cold air dryer Must not blow on the body to distribute the air well. And easy to clean

Sound protection Noise

Often comes from Noise from the side of the house, from the street, activities in the house. Bathroom radiators, so it is best to prevent noise from places like using windows. That does not expose to external noise directly, the use of space is divided into proportions, separating the bathroom wall, floor, ceiling And use a solid door, separating the room wall Setting the heat sink Does not let the noise of my own home And someone else’s house