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Pick up your favorite "bike" to decorate your house

Pick up your favorite “bike” to decorate your house

If talking about your favorite bike Nobody wants to leave the house outside, but if the area of ​​the house is limited, what to do? When bicycles are more than just a vehicle and spinning exercise Instead, it turns out to be a modern home decoration ready to bring the mood to your favorite corner

How to keep cooked food from "spoilage"?

How to keep cooked food from “spoilage”?

Food spoilage, during the hot weather like this In addition to making us uncomfortable because of the rising temperature Regarding food, you need to be careful. Because the summer is easy to spoil food Because bacteria grow large And faster So let’s take a look at how to keep food in

How to grow "Spring onions", green onion

How to grow “Spring onions”, green onion

Spring onions From the news , green onion dyed in green, it makes me think that nowadays we have to risk buying food Or raw materials to bring in more food So if we can grow some vegetables, eat them. Or create your own food source We will be able to reduce

5 "Home bar counter designs"

5 “Home bar counter designs”

Add chic to the space in the home to stand out and use it than ever before. With a beautifully designed bar counter that shows off its fashion charm and eye-catching look Ready to meet the needs of use and reflect the tastes of home décor in style Bare cement bar