Organize home items Easy to pick up with the magnetic stripe

Organize home, for anyone looking for a home organizer Adding vertical space to your home in new ways. Try to bring the magnetic stripe idea my home brought out today to try and apply it to the area that used to be cluttered and unsightly. Into a tidy area With easy management But get good results. And most importantly, the use of magnetic stripe with high suction power can be move and moved feely. Does not cause scratches Or traces on the wall And nearby to give a heartache as well

1. Increase the space in the corner of the work desk

Another way to cope with the mess on your desk is to Magnetic bar here. This magnetic stripe can be use for many purposes. When installed in the corner of the desk Because whether it is scissors. A paper clip or a metal box for storing stationery. It can be suck on and easily adjust to a comfortable position, so that each piece of equipment does not have to be stack together on the table. This time, the same desk will have more space to be ready for work.

2. Collect craft supplies

Can’t resist every time when you come across cute materials for your favorite hobby. Once again, there may be threads, various colors, or decorations that make up the hooks and magnetic strips that can easily handle all of these materials and make them easier to find and pick up. Even if it is a needle Scissors or a steel bobbin can easily get stuck. And small decorative items can also be found in aluminum cans. Or transparent boxes attach to the additional magnet and placed on top of a magnetic strip.

3. Arrange the equipment for the mechanic work 

Hand tools Most often it is a material that is already made of iron. Therefore the arrangement is store on that magnetic stripe It is a perfect fit, from hammers, pliers, wrenches or screwdrivers of various sizes to small spare parts jars, all can be arrange on a magnetically-line wall. Suitable for rooms that have space for working in this area especially. Whenever you want to use any tool, you can pick it up right away. No need to wait for messy dismantling from the tool bag.

4. Increase mobility in the kitchen. With a magnetic stripe on the wall

All kinds of kitchen utensils It is an item that must be pick up and used every day for anyone who cooks for themselves. Which organizes the equipment to be tidy and easy to use, it will greatly improve each cooking time More agile And if the inside of the cabinet or drawer is overcrowd with ingredients and kitchen utensils, make sure to make good use of the space on the wall by attaching extra magnets to each other. This is because it can be well organize with compact kitchen utensils that need to be used frequently, such as a ladle, knife or scissors.

5. Organize toys and items for the children

Even in the most chaotic areas like the little guy’s naughty corner Can also use a magnet to help manage it as well If it’s an aluminum box for drawing tools or miniature items made of iron, like cars and robots, they can be arranged on a magnetic stripe. Aside from being easier to put together one piece at a time, it’s also a novelty idea that might help your child to be more involved in putting their toys in place.

6. It makes it easy to pick up makeup

Girls’ make-up is a challenging task on a fast-paced morning. But if the space on the vanity is easy to use and comfortable, it will be easy to pick up or find any makeup item, it would save time and not have to be upset since the morning. The use of magnetic strips to help organize the girls’ makeup library is the answer, because instead of placing them together in drawers or piles on the vanity. Then switched to magnetic attachment so that it can be attached to a magnet bar Along with arranging them into categories Whichever look you want this morning, you can pick up the makeup and tone you want!

7. Store raw materials for easy reach

When finished with all the kitchen utensils, don’t forget about the ingredients and ingredients as this corner is another important part. If placed at an angle that can be seen and immediately reached, it will make cooking easier. Save time in preparing and storing raw materials. Which may choose to use aluminum jars for convenience But no matter what kind of bowl it is, it can add magnets to make it work.