What are the Laos lottery prizes? , easily

What are the Laos Lottery Prizes and get to know the Laos Lottery that comes in an online format for all lottery fans who are interested in online lottery betting, which Laos Lottery is another format that you must enter The bet should not be missed, because there is a Lao lottery prize that we will recommend. with the payout rate of the website to buy Laos lottery online ทางเข้า ufabet

Get to know Laos lottery online

Get to know Laos lottery online In order to have skills and knowledge and understanding of it betting in the form of i, you must know what Laos lottery itued?

What is Lao Lottery?

Laos lottery is a lottery that is a government lottery of Laos. It is an interesting it format. because it is very popular in Thailand And abroad. But it will not be sold like general Thai lottery in the form of lotteries. but Laos it will be open to bet on the lottery website. And there is a Lao lottery prize that pays at a high rate.

Online Laos lottery prize draw

Laos lottery prizes will be drawn live through the Lao National Television Channel 1 (TCC 1) and Laos radio broadcasting, and in the online world. Such as Youtube or Facebook, broadcast live through various pages. Laos lottery prizes will be issue every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. in Thailand time.

What are the online Laos lottery prizes?

Online Laos lottery prizes or Pattana lottery with prizes drawn every Wednesday Which is issued more often than the Thai lottery. That is issued 2 times a month, but the Lao lottery will be released every week. Thus making it more satisfying and easy to play. The Lao lottery prizes are as follows:

  • 4 straight numbers, prize money, pay 120,000 baht
  • 3 straight numbers, prize money paid 41,000 baht
  • 4 lucky numbers, prize money, pay 5,500 baht
  • 3 lucky numbers, prize money paid 4,100 baht
  • the first 2 correct numbers, Laos lottery prize money, pay 1,700 baht
  • 2 correct numbers, prize money paid 1,700 baht