What’s the best way to install light bulbs in your home?

  • Daylight White is a bulb with a high color temperature (6,000 Kelvin) and the brightest light. It helps to see things in the room clearly. The natural blue-white light emitted by this lamp gives a bright feeling. Adjust the atmosphere in the room to be active and rejuvenated.
  • Cool White is a medium color temperature lamp (4,000 Kelvin). The color light emitted by this type of lamp is therefore cold and white. Gives a feeling of relaxation, comfort and vitality in the body.
  • Warm White is a light bulb with a low color temperature (2,000 Kelvin) and minimal illumination. The light emitted by this type of lamp is a warm color from deep yellow to dark orange. Suitable for relaxing the eyes and rooms that need a warm atmosphere.

Location of lights in the house How to install and arrange light bulbs to fit

It’s common for each room in the home to have different lighting needs. Choosing to install lighting to suit each area is a way to add comfort to living. And easily in accordance with lifestyle In one room, different types of lamps can be combined to meet the needs as well.

  • Installing lighting in common areas such as living rooms, kitchens. Or home corridors because it is the part that has been use for a longer period of time than other rooms Choosing a light bulb with medium color will help protect your eyes better.
  • Installing lighting in private spaces, such as bathrooms, should pay attention to safety as a primary concern. Choosing a white light is more suitable for cleanliness and preventing accidents.
  • Installing lighting in a relaxation area, such as a bedroom, should opt for soothing lighting with warm tones. Ease of use

Easy to use

The last thing that is important is not allergic to other matters. It is convenience and flexibility in use Especially the type of light that requires manual on-off. Choosing to install the switch button near the body for convenience or in some rooms should be installed near the entrance-exit door. It is important to consider the selection of light bulbs in relation to the area to save energy. Such as incandescent bulbs or long-life LED bulbs. Does not deteriorate according to the number of times opened – closed