The “bathroom under the stairs”, Feng Shui principle

Feng Shui principle, Single-family houses or townhomes often have bathrooms under the stairs. This is to answer the question of the usefulness of the living space to be able to do fully, but in fact, in the area under the stairs, should there be a bathroom or not? Correct feng shui or not. So what can I do to fix the bad smell? Cramped areas, let’s find out.

What is a good bathroom according to Feng Shui principles?

According to Feng Shui, the bathroom is an important point that affects health. Family prosperity As for the design principles, the bathroom is also an important room, so cleanliness and smell must be consider, which should be design to suit the following:

– The bathroom should not be in the middle of the house. Because it is believe that it will make the members of the house sick
– The bathroom should not be in front of the house. Because they believe that they will interrupt the property
– the bathroom should not be next to the kitchen. Believed that it could bring sickness to the family
– The bathroom door should not face the door. Believed to make fortune disappear
– The bathroom should not be under the stairs. It is believe to make it difficult to have a stubborn child.

In the design of the bathroom under the stairs can easily become damp. Due to the narrow space under the stairs Difficult to ventilate And if the cleaning is not thoroughly clean, the bathroom will become a breeding ground for germs.

How to feng shui a bathroom under the stairs

1. Make it a dry toilet.

To prevent damp Should adjust the toilet under the stairs to be a toilet without wet parts. Or shower In addition, there should be windows or vents. Or use an exhaust fan

2. Do not turn the toilet to the door.

By positioning the avoidance of the door. Or find a curtain to block the problem

3. Strengthen Feng Shui with colors

Because the bathroom is water elemental energy Therefore, it is best to use white, green color to absorb energy from leaking. And avoid fire element colors such as red, pink, purple or gold.

4. Cover with curtains or blinds.

If the bathroom under the stairs cannot be adjusted according to Feng Shui principles Some homes may choose to disable the bathroom. In addition, it is recommended that the bathroom door should not be left open. May be lined with curtains or blinds to prevent the energy from the bathroom, the fence toward the other house.

5. Keep cleaning. Reduce bad energy accumulation

If according to Feng Shui principles, cleaning the bathroom is a reduction in bad energy retention. Which is in use as well If the toilet is left dirty, the area of ​​the bathroom will become a reservoir of germs.

The bathroom under the stairs is not always a bad thing. If designing and considering the usability Placement in the bathroom to suit the space. Cleanliness And ventilation to reduce odor And transmission of pathogens The bathroom under the stairs will become another functional area as well.

Having a bathroom under the stairs It’s not always a bad thing. Because if we pay attention to the design that takes into account the proper use Placement in the bathroom to fit into the narrow space There is cleanliness and ventilation to reduce odors so as not to