STEPPING PARK HOUSE, nature in the house

Modern house that allows trees to invade! Spilling from the inside With designs that pamper people who love trees. Without having to travel far. Then can embrace the tree from inside the house. Let nature move closer to you at close range. Healing the mind to be peaceful. Different from the busy city atmosphere outside.

From the reason the parks in Ho Chi Minh City are few. And not enough to meet the needs So. To please nature-loving homeowners. VTN Architects (Vo TrongNghia Architects) design. This modern house locate in the middle of this new residential area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City. Into a building that looks like planted in the middle of a grove of green trees. Without having to go far Can be happy in the midst of nature in the house all day.

The first floor

The greenness hits the eyes at first sight. With a rectangular window covered with ivy curtains. Contrasted with a modern white 3-storey box-shaped building. And when entering the house, the first floor area will find a relaxation hall combining a living and dining corner. Together in an open space. It is also possible to connect to the outdoor garden. Via a large glass sliding door that opens all the way. The highlight is the tree that is inserted in the middle of the house. Flatten the canopy up to the height of the staircase design as a double space hall. Continuing to the top floor.

The second floor

The second floor consists of a private bedroom on either side of the stairwell. While the corridor in front of the room has not forgotten to plant trees. The tree has become part of the house on every floor. Inside the bedroom, the openings of each room are designed. To be covered with ivy that is ready to stick along the wire. Become a natural veil of fresh green that helps hide your eyes. Therefore, when viewed from the outside, the window was filled with green trees that were racing to grow. Emerging from the house, looking different from the neighboring houses.

The third floor

The last section is the third floor. This floor area aims to create an environment similar to the forest. Even in the shade Planting trees on the upper floors of the house gives a semi-outdoor feel. All around the wind and the air. While the top of the roof is made of translucent material overlaid. With slat beams underneath to help filter out another layer of light. So natural light shines thoroughly Suitable for the growth of the trees that are planted inside. This is another corner where the owners tend to spend the most time relaxing.

In addition, the gap of the double space. It also helps to bring natural ventilation to circulate through every area of ​​the house. As I walked through the different parts, I could feel the wind as it whirled up to the top floor. Suitable for living in tropical climates as well.

From the shortage of green spaces in Vietnam Causing various environmental problems. Such as urban flooding. The heat is too high and air pollution Presentation of solutions to these problems. It is an urgent challenge that VTN Architects foreseen and intend to incorporate. As much green nature into living as possible. Even in this tiny house that could have a private garden like a city park. In the end, the architect hopes. This is an example of “green building” that wants everyone to realize and spread this idea all over the world.