Ideas for designing a houses to satisfy the elderly

Design houses in the style of design space. and the function has been used. There is one thing that is important and sometimes we may not even think about the distance, such as the installation height of the equipment. The size of the space and the furniture in each room. Especially in any houses where there are elderly people, when you pick up something, they tend to complain that they are not good at it. Especially during the time we have to stay at home for a long time like this, many people turn to pay more attention to home improvement and decoration. We have a few details for you. Let me tell you that the elderly must like this.

bedroom, house

  • Should be easy to access, no need to walk up – down the stairs. near or have an ensuite bathroom is wide enough Not too uncomfortable, about 10-12 square meters for one person or 16-20 square meters for two people together.
  • The bed should choose a single bed, not too soft. Height is about 45 centimeters. If it is too short when sitting or lying down, it will be difficult to get up. And the legs should not float off the ground.
  • The distance around the bed should be about 90 cm. to be able to sit up and sit easily on all 3 sides, or there should be at least 150 cm of space beside the bed so that the wheelchair can be used to rotate in and out easily.

living room, house

  • Design to have enough light, airy, and the window panes should not be too high from the floor. You can see the scenery outside.
  • A table in the living room, a work desk or a dining table. Should consider the use of wheelchairs. The height of the table top should be 75 cm, the space under the table should not be less than 60 cm, the depth is more than 40 cm, and there should be no drawers to allow wheelchair access.
  • The chair should choose a material that is strong, comfortable to sit and can support the weight well. Or can be adjust to match the height of each person Design and height should choose a seat with knees at a 90-degree angle, feet on the floor. There are armrests for easy support when getting up.
  • The power socket should be install about 0.40-1 meters above the floor and switches. There should be a height of about 0.90-1.20 meters from the floor so that the elderly can open and close without bending over. Can be reach whether standing or sitting in a wheelchair.


  • Doors should be sliding doors that can open 90 centimeters, are flexible and have long handles that are easy to open and close. Able to come in to help from outside
  • The width of the bathroom should be approximately 1.50 meters in diameter to allow the wheelchair to rotate around.
  • Sanitary ware, choose to use a flat-sitting type of bowl. There should be a height from the floor to the coccyx about 40-50 centimeters.
  • install handrails with a height of 80-90 centimeters from the entrance to the toilet bowl and shower point It should be about 3-4 centimeters in diameter for easy grip and support.
  • Washbasin should be a hanging or half-counter type. Leave a height of about 80 centimeters from the floor so that the wheelchair can be inserted. and should separate the wet-dry area


  • The kitchen counter is designed to be 80 centimeters high from the floor. The bottom should be an open space. allow wheelchair access
  • The depth of the counter should not exceed 50 centimeters. It can be easily reached when using the faucet or turning on and off the power socket.
  • Avoid installing floating cabinets or placing them so low that they are within the reach of the elderly. to prevent climbing and falling May be used as a shelf or a drawer that can be pulled out. convenient on-off