How to adjust feng shui in the Buddha room

The Buddha room, near the end of the year like this, besides planning for vacations, traveling, traveling in a new way, another thing that we want you not to forget is the arrangement of the house and one of the important areas or rooms that you want to think about and reorganize is the Buddha room. It will adjust Feng Shui. how to pray What items do you need to use? Let’s see. This new year 2022, life will be the best.

Amulet shelf in suitable position

suitable for home or a room that does not have space to be a serious monk room, just having an amulet shelf can be used instead by placing the shelf of the Buddha image above the wall above his head

Pay attention to the light channel And ventilation

the Buddha image or worship area should be located in an area with windows, air vents, and light openings. To help the ventilation of the air, exhaust the incense smoke or various odors.

Position the Buddha amulet in the right direction

For the proper direction for placing the Buddha image on the shelf is to face the north. or east

Increase the auspiciousness with decorations : In the Buddha image or in the area where the Buddha image is worshiped, it is not necessary to have only the Buddha image. But Buddha images in different postures, different sizes, including decorative images, flowers, etc., can help
make the Buddha room have a good atmosphere.