Downlights, How to choose to help change the atmosphere to make the house warm?

Downlights are more than just lighting. Is to change the atmosphere in the room to be warm, beautiful, more pleasant. current downlight It is a lamp that has been very popular in the installation of applications. because it has a long service life save electricity at a good price And the most important thing is to illuminate to add beauty to the room. 

There are many types to choose from, such as ceiling downlights. Floating downlight square downlight depending on usage requirements including styles in designing and decorating different homes todayHome Guruwill take every home to get to know the downlight One of the items to increase the brightness. Help change the atmosphere of every room in the house to be more pleasant. to make it easy to buy Select and install.

4 popular types of downlights

There are 4 types of downlights to choose from, depending on the type of installation. which each type is different And how suitable it is to use it, let’s see it.

1. Recessed Downlight

Recessed downlight It is a type that is popular to install and use because of the ceiling downlights. a beautiful light when installed in the home or condominium will increase the beauty and luxury in the room harmoniously because the lamp will not be seen emerging from the wall of the ceiling of the house bylampwill be smooth in line with all ceilings

2. Surface Downlight

Even if it is a light that gives light But it can be called another piece of furniture.home decorationThat helps the house to stand out as well because of the installation of floating downlights. which has a cylindrical shape After installation, the lamp will be clearly visible. therefore suitable for a house without ceiling or a house decorated in a loft style Emphasis on decorative design to see the structure of the material without any additional decorations.

3. Pendant Luminaire

Outstanding in terms of design with a variety of options to choose from. In addition to the function of lighting Changed the mood for every room in the house. Hanging downlights It also helps to decorate the room with uniqueness because the installation will have wires hanging from the ceiling. Anyone who focuses on raw, cool, or loft style. This type of light should be able to respond to the usage quite a lot.

4. Semi Recessed Downlight

If you want a light with an unusual design when Choosing a semi-floating recessed downlight Should be an interesting alternative light. Because the installation of semi-floating downlights is embedded on the ceiling. There will be part of the fire that will emerge. Therefore, it is suitable for home decorations who want to add a playful design to the room.