Builds a one-story house for 5 bedroom

5 bedroom single storey house

Age difference Age difference of family members It is an important problem that needs to be thought of as appropriate. And the arrangement of functions Arrangement of living space As well as providing a context that fits all members, because most homes do not live in just one or two people. If you think carefully from the beginning Would surely create a perfect and comfortable living context for everyone.

This 5-bedroom single-storey house is call  Honey’s House. It has 7 family members, divided into 3 ages: elderly, middle-aged, and childhood. Should Both about the deterioration of the old house Insufficiency of usable space Flood problems when heavy rains Including the dust and the noises from the cars that pass by These issues are important issues that architects have to fix to ensure the new house does not return to its original difficult state. 

When the owner of the house has finished talking with the architect In conclusion, the new house was built to be a one-story building to fit the usage of grandfathers, grandmothers, and other mischievous children. Get close to nature and make it easy to move around in the open air.

To solve the problem of flooding during the rainy season Therefore raising the floor from the ground level Prevent flooding as well as preventing moisture as well. As for solving the problem of noise and smoke from the car that has passed through it. Due to the nature of the land is quite deep. Therefore, the architect left the front area approximately 6.5 meters from the road and designed a garage to block another floor. It also made a fence and the walls were quite close. Big trees were plant along the edge of the fence. Let nature help filter dust and filter the light.

The opening of the building is orient towards the east. It gets the right amount of light throughout the day. The light is not too strong. So the house is not hot. And has made a space for landscaping in this direction as well Every time you look out, you will always find a fresh green garden.

The first zone of the house is the family room or the communal area of ​​the family. The layouts are simple and airy in an open plan style. Where the living, dining and kitchen are connected. Design the room to resemble a living pavilion. Glass wall that opens wide Able to receive natural air as needed Rainy days will get a wet atmosphere. On cold days, it can be turn off to keep the interior warm.

The interior of the house is quite modern and has a light luxury, each piece of furniture has been carefully selected. Each zone is tune with the same color tone, such as a dark green leather living room, tuning dining chair. And choose a gray kitchen counter Make the interior of the room unity None of the parts that make up the eye.

All 5 bedrooms are arrange in all rear zones. To make the relaxation area as private as possible. Each room is decorate according to the age and gender of the owner. Children’s ufabet bedroom emphasizes bright, cute. The bedroom of an adult emphasizes the warmth and depth.

Each room has a balcony from which you can walk out to see the garden up close. But at the same time, there is a sliding steel fasad as a safety guard. It conceals the eyes and obscures another layer of sunlight outside. Like a wrought iron of the house But it has a modern design and doesn’t feel more blocked than the wrought iron of the past.

The quality of life is improved through intelligent problem solving. All the difficulties that have been experienced will no longer be encountered in Honey’s House, as architects have carefully designed, optimize and flexible, considering their use now and to the future. Create long-term happiness for all 7 members of the family every day.