5 wardrobe style, Walk-in Closet

Wardrobe style Although currently there are many designs to choose from. and a variety of functions such as sliding wardrobes wooden wardrobe. Aluminum wardrobe and plastic wardrobe. But sometimes it can’t meet the needs of families who live in limited spaces such as condominiums and townhomes that have space for a dressing room or Walk-in Closet Relatively small.

Because with limit space with most wardrobe designs that have a fix design and available. That cannot be further design by yourself therefore does not meet the needs of use and to fix the problem. Wardrobe style that is not like by every member of the family today. There are 5 tips to change the wardrobe style as you wish, complete with all functions. even in a limited area Let’s be an idea for every home.

1. Choose the right wardrobe

Choosing a wardrobe design is the first factor that every home needs to consider. because the wardrobe will be furniture Use to decorate the dressing room that has a long service life. Therefore, the design should be chosen. Favorite design And answer the problem of cost-effective use by separating into built-in wardrobes or floating wardrobes

Built-in wardrobe If you want a built-in wardrobe, I recommend you to make a walk in closet because every home can choose materials. And design design including the size Functions can be use manually whether to choose as sliding wardrobe or an open wardrobe. Will use glass or wood materials, but if installed in a limit space, it is recommend to use Glass sliding wardrobe to help make the room look airy. And not uncomfortable

floating wardrobe It is available in a variety of materials, such as wooden wardrobes. Aluminum wardrobe and plastic wardrobe The advantage of this type of wardrobe is that it can be moved. And there are many styles to choose from. But it is necessary to measure the size of the space to set it up for sure first. for easy installation And don’t waste time in case the size of the wardrobe doesn’t fit the space.

2. Increase the storage space in the wardrobe. with storage drawer

when in use wardrobe For a while, often face with problems. internal storage. Sliding wardrobes are not enough, especially for housewives who have an increasing number of daily clothes. Until the butler had to shake his head Finding a way to add more storage space to closets in condominiums. to help organize and clearly separate the proportions of the clothes Therefore, it has become a matter that many housewives are interested in.

One of the ways to increase storage space in the wardrobe is to choose items. Storage draweror multipurpose plastic box to set up inside Sliding wardrobe or wooden wardrobe to increase the area and reduce hanging clothes on the hanger The space inside the drawer may be used as a storage space for underwear, pajamas, socks or handkerchiefs. to make it easy to pick up and use

3. Hangers are available in many designs, choose to meet the function of use

hanger It is a device to help hang clothes inside. sliding wardrobe to be organize. And it’s not difficult to pick up. like a collapsible In which every home can choose to use hangers as they like. In general, 1 hanger can hang a shirt. Or only 1 pants, but if you try to switch to a hanger that has a design and functionality that can hang more clothes. It will help the wardrobe to have more space for other functions as well.

4. Organize your clothes separately. What does not need to be separated

when the internal space Sliding wardrobes or wooden wardrobes are limit, so organizing clothes in the closet becomes an equally important consideration. because if you let the wardrobe clutter Life can be messy as well. Because they have to look for clothes that need to be worn each day until wasted time.

Even the wardrobe has limited space. But the wardrobe storage is proportional. And being organized should not be a big problem. Just choose clothes that do not need to be used separately outside the wardrobe. by finding a storage box to put it as a way or if the bed has drawers for storage Maybe use that area as a storage area for clothes instead. Or choose a storage box that can be DIY to put together. will increase the area and more functions within the wardrobe.

5. DIY a wardrobe as you wish with Fit4you service

If you follow the above 4 tips already. But still get a wardrobe that doesn’t meet the needs of use Because clothes that are overflowing with cabinets, turning to DIY your own wardrobe by using the service Fit4You can order as you wish Furniture cutting service, whether it’s an Open Wardrobe System or a Smart Wardrobe, you can choose as you like.

Just specify the area to be installed. wardrobe style desired functionality and budget will get a new wardrobe that is worth and meet the needs of everyone in the family

For the steps to use the Fit4You service as you wish, it’s not difficult. You can access the service at HomePro. every branch near home with the following steps