5 tricks for cleaning house in 1 day

Now, many people should start cleaning house, besides some houses preparing to party. There is a meal together in the family. Another activity that many people often do is cleaning the house to welcome the new year. But there isn’t much time left to clean the house. and if you have to clean the whole house in time for the new year What to do? Don’t worry, we have a technique.

1. Choose a house cleaning day that you won’t be interrupted. or someone disturbs And try to use today to clean the house every time. week after

2. Organize the house first. It will make cleaning the house in 1 day easier. For example, when walking through, then put dirty clothes in a basket, collect toys, items that fell on the way first by looking for a place to put them or collect them.

3. Keep bathroom cleaning supplies and kitchen cleaners under the sink for easy access. collect mop Broom and vacuum cleaner in the closet in the hallway. or a multipurpose wardrobe

4. Schedule cleaning one room at a time. Start from the bathroom, kitchen, then vacuum the bedroom and living space.

5. If you have more than one bathroom, they should be cleaned at the same time. It will be convenient to move cleaning equipment.