5 “Home bar counter designs”

Add chic to the space in the home to stand out and use it than ever before. With a beautifully designed bar counter that shows off its fashion charm and eye-catching look Ready to meet the needs of use and reflect the tastes of home décor in style

Bare cement bar counter Beautiful, cool, loft style 

for homes that focus on the cool, loft-style décor. Outstanding bar counters with bare cement are the perfect design for any home décor in this style. They may be decorated with white brick walls to give a matching style touch. Followed by adding functionality to the bar counter area to become a favorite corner of the home. With its wall-mounted shelves and a mezzanine design above the bar counter for storing beautiful glasses and favorite drinks. Before choosing a tall stool to add a living function to the area in this area. Which in addition to being a bar corner that is ready to reflect the beauty of the house The function can also be converted into a beverage bar or dining area as needed. 

Contemporary corner U-shaped wooden

Choosing to use a U-shape with wood as a home bar counter is not something that can be seen often. Because of the location of the living area for the bar counter, which is often designed to be parallel to the area of ​​the house. But if you try to place the space for the bar zone in the corner of the house wall And choose to use the U shape as the design of the bar counter Will increase the usable space in this area to be able to serve as a beverage bar A simple food preparation area with an atmosphere of privacy from traffic around the house.

Smooth white bar counter Warm, homey style 

White tones create a clean bar counter look and are more suited to home décor. The perfect design should be simple. Not much detail But let the white tone do the key to make the space stand out in this area. Functionality may be added by installing a shelf on the top above the bar counter. To be used as a storage area or to display beautiful designed glassware as a collection in the home. Just as it can perfectly complement the beauty of a warm home-style house. 

Various materials bar counters Reflect the charm of nature 

A variety of materials can help to make any space in the home even more striking and eye-catching. For home décor that emphasizes the natural atmosphere but also wants to blend in modern, modern at the same time. May try to use small tiles for wall decoration to decorate with natural wood materials around the bar counter. By choosing bright colors that contrast with wood colors such as white, or to create a harmonious continuation to the built-in wall-mounted storage cabinet with white doors. Ready to add different features to make the wooden bar in the house look more beautiful and modern

Cool bar counter Industrial loft style 

The perforated metal grating is another material that can make an industrial loft style bar counter even more cool. It may be designed as an outer covering material for bar counters made of bare cement. Choose a material that has a natural wood pattern to add warmth and do not make the atmosphere in the house look too harsh. May DIY a decorative lamp that looks unusual. By hanging the bare bulbs in the right-sized wooden beams Ready to be installed as a lamp to decorate above it Just like this, it is ready to reflect the serious style and make the house attractive and ready for every use