What kind of air purifying plants

Air purifying plants, for a house with a spacious area Trees planted in a fenced house It is an alternative that besides getting plants to help prevent toxic dust. still get shady and privacy for residents as well

For residents with limited space such as condos or dormitories that are not convenient to plant large trees Choosing a garden in the form of a vertical garden with beautiful ornamental plants It’s an interesting choice.

What is the best indoor air purifier to choose?

Naturally, all plants are able to protect and capture dust. But choosing trees to purify the air Should focus on trees with thick leaves, rough leaf surface or hairy leaves will help trap dust better. because it will not disperse the dust And if there are larger leaves, it will help trap more dust.

What kind of air purifying trees should be planted?

Pine – There is research confirming that it is a good dust proof tree. Suitable as a tree planted in the house as a fence line. And there are many varieties to choose from, such as Pradipat Pine, Son Chat, Pine Sam Bai, etc.

Kannikar – medium-sized flowering shrub. It can be used as a houseplant in a narrow space. In addition to the pleasant smell, the roughness and fur cover will help shield the wind. And is a tree that can prevent PM 2.5 dust well.

Deli – a beautiful flowering plant that resembles an anthurium. It is a popular home-grown tree that can be found both inside and outside the house. more important than beauty It helps absorb toxins very well.

Spotted betel – a popular ornamental plant that is beautiful and easy to find. It is easy to grow both in water and in all types of soil. The advantage is that it is very easy to care for, but is incredibly good at purifying the air. Can be used to create a garden in a variety of ways.