“The roof garden of the house”, relaxing garden

The roof garden , when the homeowners want to transform the open space on the 6-storey house in Ari, into a well-designed rooftop that can be used as a party corner, lounging with family and friends. Therefore creating a beautiful garden zone that is ready to receive city views like having a private Sky bar

On the area in Ari area

On the area in Ari area is the prime location of a 6-storey house for a large family. With every square inch of living space in the house that can be used cost-effectively To be able to meet the lifestyle of the family as much as possible. Where the space on each floor of the house is perfectly designed and fully functional From the resting area to the relaxation area Ready to continue up to the space above the house, which is a wide open roof area that has not yet been designed for use. 

Therefore, the homeowner wants to change the area in the rooftop zone into a relaxing corner amid the garden atmosphere It can be used as a family gathering space and can also be a space where the host’s daughter can bring her friends to a private party as needed. It was therefore the main mission to transform the rooftop space into a beautiful family garden . Under design Organize the garden from the branches that help make this dream garden a reality.

The homeowner’s mindset

From the homeowner’s mindset, rooftop space can be more than just a roof or a water tank space. This led to the main reason for the transformation of the roof top of the 6-storey building, which is a large family residence, into a roof garden with full modern city views. 

After the design team explored the actual area of ​​the rooftop, there were 4 areas where the rooftop area was allocated: dining area. Sitting area And a corner bar with modern design with a wooden terrace placed along the length of the deck area with smooth lines Which can act as a guide to the function of each zone in the garden.

The design of the roof garden

The design of the roof garden emphasizes the design that reflects the modernism in a format that is easy to use and maintain. By choosing artificial wood flooring that can withstand the sun and rain well to decorate most areas in the garden. Which in addition to providing a natural feeling that is perfect for relaxation.

 The choice of simple lines that are charming in modern style. Also helps to make the roof garden look flat, open, airy and inviting in the living area. By raising the level of the wooden decking to another step. Ready to install steel battens to help hide the sunlight during the day Before placing the wall-mounted L-shaped long bench parallel to the decking.That is consistent As for the table, there is a selection of furniture that is finished with marble-patterned tiles that give a modern and natural feel.

Continuing from the living area

Continuing from the living area is the Garden bar zone, which is design as a bar corner. In the house’s private garden that offers expansive panoramic city views. By installing a clear glass guard rail that can open the air. The area gives a spacious garden corner and can see the city clearly. 

Along with the design of the bar counter with marble-pattern tiles to have an extra long size. That can accommodate multiple seats. Before setting up a high stool for sitting in the bar area. Black tone contrasts with the white of the bar counter.

It is not only during the day that you can sit and relax in the roof garden with pleasure. But during the night it can still use the space on the roof garden as need under the atmosphere. In the garden with a lighting system design to be able to illuminate well during the night With the installation of field lights. And spotlights that help illuminate the area around the roof garden and can be used safely. While helping to make it possible to use it in the garden area for even longer