Plants in pots in front of the house Add to the look Refreshing

 For people who like to plant trees, they would want to make their homes filled with trees. If there is still an area in the corner, I would like to plant it. Which in front of the entrance to the house would allow to plant large trees, it would not be suitable The house will turn into a forest first, take a look at the ornamental plants that grow in pots. Size is cute. There are both flowers and leaves to choose from. And it looks comfortable for sure. Today, the dot com jar will tell you how to plant plants in pots. Along with collecting plants that are strong and durable, planted in pots to leave each other

There are simple steps, not complicated at all. Just try the following

1. Choose plants that you like.

           Ornamental plants planted in pots There are both flowers and leaves. You can choose as you like. Anyone who likes bright colors, choose to plant a flower tree. And anyone who likes lush green, moist and comfortable, then choose to plant leaves Including the suitability of the tree that we like that is related to the environment, climate, humidity where we will place the tree or not.

2. Choose a plant pot that is suitable size and weight.

           Choose a pot that is suitable for the size and variety of plants to be planted. And should take into account the movement of pots as well If you are someone who doesn’t like to change the position of plants, they can opt for pots made of cement or ceramic pots. Put the station at all But if you are someone who likes gardening Move the plant to change the position of the plant frequently, it is best to choose a light pot. Made of foam or fiberglass.

3. Choose a soil suitable for the tree to plant.

           Each type of tree Each species Likes different soils But most plants in pots tend to like sandy loam. Or well-drained soil Which may be mixed with manure, compost, coconut husk fluff, into the soil to add essential nutrients to the tree.

4. Water the plants properly.

           Should look and study each type of tree that will be planted that likes or dislikes water. How much water is needed – how much Because some trees like water Able to water regularly in the morning and evening But some do not like water, should water about 1-2 times a week. Or water only when the topsoil begins to dry

5. Space for placing plant pots

           In general, plant pots should be placed in a well-ventilated area. There is no sunshine. But some types of trees like the sun. Therefore, the pots can be placed in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight and should be placed in a pot so that the plants are thoroughly exposed to sunlight

6. Trimming the leaves or bushes to keep them in shape.

           For canopy Should regularly trim the bush. For the tree to break new leaves And tighten the bush Looks more shaped as well.