“Ideas for small garden” in narrow spaces

Small garden having green spaces in the house is an important component that helps create a pleasant atmosphere around the house. Even if your home has limited space, it can be gardening, planting trees, adding realism to the home with ideas for landscaping a small space, it is not.


Create a small home area with a minimalist garden style

But outstanding with a lovely form Ready to create a colorful and lively atmosphere to make the area around the house interesting and not boring. Just create concrete as a border for planting soil. Highlight the clean decoration by painting white along the concrete border to blend with the wall of the house. In terms of plants, it is recommended to try landscaping in a desert area. 

By using a beautiful cactus that forms a variety of different varieties May Sam with other plants With a beautiful leaf shape and resistant to sunlight as well. The surrounding area may be more balanced by sprinkling small white pebbles. To connect the harmony between the simple garden area and the house to make them even more harmonious

A house that is design in front of the house

A house that is design in front of the house by pouring concrete or tiling for a garage can also have a garden corner to add shade to the space inside the house as well. Which may share a small space The side of the wall for landscaping and planting trees. May form concrete as an edge for a tree planting zone. Choose plants with outstandingly beautiful leaves to refresh your home. If you want bright colors, you can plant a canna. Or bright red firecrackers as well

Refreshing the area along the fence with a small garden design that saves usable space. Even without a lot of space, it can be arranged easily. Just bring your favorite plants to put in a small plastic pot. Ready to be hung and decorated along the fence of the house to form a vertical garden May add brightness by using a pot of different colors. That’s it, you can have a nice garden corner of the house to admire.

A small garden setting In a beautiful flower pot

Landscaping can be easily done. Without needing to have as much space as you think With a small garden setting In a beautiful flower pot with unique design Such as ceramic pots, painted pattern When arranging a beautiful garden as needed, it can be placed and decorated in different areas. Of the house as you like Without limitation that a beautiful garden must always be outside the house Because even the interior of the house such as the living room, bedroom, or even the bathroom can be placed in the garden with pots as needed.

It may seem difficult to arrange a garden in a condo. Because besides there is no outdoor area or outside zone for landscaping The living space in the room is also quite limited as well. But it is not difficult to arrange a garden and plant trees Just design a wall hanging garden or simply hang it on the ceiling rail that is DIY. May add interest to the natural zone in the room even more by landscaping in pots with a unique design. It can add a natural living space in a condo without the need to be as spacious as a general house.

Small outside space

When the outside space is small and the limit for landscaping Try raising a beautiful garden into the house by planting a wall hanging garden decorated in the corner of the living room. May start with the built-in wood pickup to the wall corner in the desired area. 

With a selection of small plants Brought to the garden, plant in the wooden tray. In addition to helping to save usable space as well. Vertical garden designs can also easily add naturalness to any interior space. Without having to worry about the size of the area anymore

The ideal small landscaping

Tray landscaping is one of the ideal small landscaping ideas for homes with relatively limited space. Because besides being a garden that can be used to decorate. Add naturalness to the space within the house in every desire angle Can also save various usable areas More than ever

A large area Landscaping

Whether there is a small area or a large area Landscaping to add shade to the area around. The house is not limit to planting large trees. But also able to create a shady atmosphere, the area around the house is fill with natural green spaces as pleasant as desire Just plant a tree, Sai, Korean Mokkh or glass by planting parallel to the outer wall of the house to reduce the hardness of the concrete wall material to be more natural. May choose plants with a trunk height equal to the wall for landscaping. Or starting to plant since the tree is still small as it is convenient

Traditional potted gardening

It may make many people feel too common. May try to apply by landscaping a small pot. Together with old furniture or leftovers that are not use Such as boxes, wooden chests, iron chairs, by bringing them together in a descending group To create a view to make a small garden look beautiful, dimension and ready to help save usable space at the same time. 

If your house has only free space next to the house that can be landscaped But it is necessary to use it as a thoroughfare around the house. Recommend to try to create a garden path that can be used to walk to connect the various usable zones. Of the house easily And there is also a natural corner that adds shade to the area around the house at the same time 

By laying concrete slabs and walkways at appropriate walking distances. Decorate the balance between space with various shades of brown pebbles. In terms of plants, it is recommend to choose a small shrub. That can add dimension to the walkway to stand out and should not be a tree that is too high above the ground. Because it may make a garden and walkway layout not as beautiful as it should be