How to grow “Spring onions”, green onion

Spring onions From the news , green onion dyed in green, it makes me think that nowadays we have to risk buying food Or raw materials to bring in more food So if we can grow some vegetables, eat them. Or create your own food source We will be able to reduce the risk of being exposed to the dangers of those foods. Therefore, we would like to present a way to grow onion for yourself. Which is a very easy way to do it



– spring onion

– A pot or something that can be used to grow scallions.


How to do Spring onions

1. Cut the base of the spring onion. From the root about 2-3 centimeters

2. Prepare the container you will use to plant, such as pots, cups, etc.

3. Fill the soil into the container that is about half the container. Then try to pin the cut portion of the onion into the ground. Before adding soil according to

4. Water a little Maintain soil moisture If the onion is grown in a large container, the same method is used.

5.Within a few days, you will be able to see a new green regeneration. Then let it grow and harvest. Where you can keep the same spring onion