“Arrange a garden” to increase the feng shui strength

Arrange a garden to increase the feng shui strength. When speaking to the corners outside the house remind you of anything? How good will it be if our house has an outside corner to sit and chill? Hang out with friends Get a cool breeze It also helps adjust the feng shui to the home to strengthen the life force of the residents in them. If anyone wants to follow. Today we have a simple principle to share.

Balancing life Starting from the living corner, it should be east of the house. This is because this angle is only influence by the sunlight in the morning. But in the afternoon it will create more shade of the eastern side of the house Used as a lounge and relaxation from 2 pm until the evening. In addition, the white table and chairs. It is the color of the adaptation that helps create balance for our lives.

Heat resistant battens Creating a shady area for your gardening by making battens or wooden fences is another interesting idea. Plus it is a balance of energy. When the temperature is not hot It creates energy to cool. So soft energy is absorb into ourselves and the house,  plus the lath also helps to hide sunlight from burning in our body as well

Decorative stone for the front yard Decorative stones that transmit energy in terms of stability. Power support It is important to choose a stone that is not very sharp. Or can be use as a stone doll. In addition, pair it with a table and a comfortable chair. Helps the outside corners not look boring. And can also help in adjusting simple feng shui energy as well Another option to strengthen energy You can use a round stone (river stone), which comes in a variety of colors and is easy to decorate your garden. This colored stone will deliver energy that reflects the devilishness of Saturn, the star of misery and oppression.

Rattan increases the vitality Wood rattan or materials made from nature. Will deliver the energy of adaptation Create order but with flexibility. This idea is to choose a living corner in a comfortable atmosphere. Surrounded by tall trees, energies such as the fire element will stand out. It is even more match with furniture made of rattan material. According to the belief Make the house look better

Streams, waterfalls, water, in addition to creating a cool and relaxing garden and home then. According to Feng Shui principles, it also means money. The principle of creating a simple waterfall or stream is Must be at least 5 meters away from the house to prevent the floor sinking, the pond should be 10 centimeters deep or more. To be able to store money well. Caution Do not place the pond behind the house. Because it will send health problems Or who has a narrow space Create a small pond Can be a corner to rest your eyes