7 “beautiful gardens”, idea to change your gardens

From both natural disasters and epidemics on the other hand, the incident brought us back more at home and began to see more of the importance of nature in the garden. The people searching for inspirational gardens full of ideas for ordinary people to learn with us. Today we have 7 beautiful gardens that to see, which gardens are there? Let’s go and see.

1.Beautiful garden with moss as a carpet

The garden is full of bright green moss that softens the feet as they slowly Tread lightly On the ground It’s a really special feeling. In a mossy garden and full of moss from every angle, it might not be a common sight. Since the moss cultivation works well, it needs to be adjusted. Optimal light and relative humidity As well as choosing to use other plants, it must be in harmony with the environment.

2. Modern minimalist garden style, good looking, simple and close to nature

Born from a love of trees and trees, after the completion of the house decide to change the area originally designed to be a swimming pool along . Into a garden area modern minimalist style. By choosing to use the gardening services of Kringbaiyai Co., Ltd. in order to turn the area into a garden of green space as desire.

3. Perfect Harmony, a perfect harmony in a garden that is designed in three areas as one

The English garden has always been one of the most popular forms of gardens. Actually, it can be subdivided into many styles. From cottage gardens, vintage gardens to artificial gardens. Which this garden was born from a combination of the above styles together. Until it became a garden that the designer call it in the style of Modern Formal Cottage Garden.

4. Happiness in a Japanese garden with a fish pond at its core

The essence of nature, philosophy and deep cultural existence. Creating a work of art in various areas of Japan. Which is a motto that is link to the cultures of other countries in Asia, so it is not strange that Thailand has its own unique arts and culture. But we can still appreciate and appreciate Japanese art. Especially in the field of landscaping.

5. Own cottage-style garden around a small house like a dream farm

The front of the house of the garden is arranged in a cottage style. There is an orange wall with the letters “Casa del Campo” our destination, this time Khun Min – Meenakalma Phichit, the owner of the house, tells the meaning of the word on the front fence that comes from Spanish. Because she has been a Spanish speaking guide for over ten years. He also studied additional languages ​​in Spain.

6. See beautiful flowers in the garden of rural Europe

Because of the tourism that has seen many beautiful places and also likes to watch romantic movies like Letters to Juliet, it has become the inspiration for the beautiful actress. Khun B-Wanwipa Yogakul decided to transform Bali Garden into a garden with a European countryside feel. Inside a beautiful twin house that looks shady and fresh with beautiful flowers.

7.Modern Japanese Garden, modern Japanese garden, simple but not still

Modern house that brings a touch of Japanese garden to create a shady atmosphere. Distinguished by beautiful trunk wood The floor is sprinkled with stones and gravel and water, as in the Japanese stone garden. Before sampling with white-pink tones With a variety of sitting corners