6 Reviews for “landscaping a newbie”, beautiful

Landscaping, anyone who says a beginner will make a beautiful garden, absolutely stunning, to sit and enjoy the view, come here, come and take a look at these wonderful experiences of these famous people, you will definitely be stunned and amazed. Because they all started landscaping by themselves for the first time But the work turned out to be beautiful, outstanding as a professional Let’s say that there will be a review of what kind of gardening, do not wait any longer, let’s go and see. Oh no, but I secretly whisper that this event has all sizes, styles and types, whether in front of the house. There is a back garden or a garden next to the house.

1.Garden and make a fish pond next to the house

A semi-detached house, size 35 square meters, as a house of love. Born to be close to nature Therefore, I would like to do my own work to arrange a small garden next to the house He also had her husband dig a pit to build a fish pond nearby as well, which I must say that they have never had gardening experience before Also relying on further research While doing it, there are some mistakes and cheap things as it happens, but the results are beautiful, shady, pleasant, looking cool and comfortable. It’s so nice to sit and sip coffee in the morning. I can’t believe it’s the work of two newbies.  

2.Garden in front of the townhouse

If anyone is looking for small gardening ideas Do not miss the experience of the garden house of your bazzii Join thousands Com decisive because even though the home page has a size of about 6.5 square meters, but he was able to park Miniature out to be beautiful levels. He has a style that is important, has a lot of gimmicks from the stones, and he is also kind to share his stories, steps and methods to guide others. It can be said that this is a very new gardener that is really worth watching.

3.Garden next to the house with a budget of 5,000 baht

When the old garden began to change over time, Khun Iam Meng, a member of Pantip.com website. A lovely father who hopes for his daughter to relax and enjoy the garden more. I would like to get up and renovate the original garden to be shady, fresh, beautiful, and more importantly, it has a living area and more bird feeding areas. But all must be in the budget, saving not more than 5,000 baht only. Okay, I want to know each other, right? If so, don’t wait. Let’s go and see.  

4. Garden next to the house, townhouse on the corner

Landscaping Garden ideas next to the house, townhouse behind the corner of this issue There are walkways, rock gardens, perennials, flowers and vegetables. Therefore, if any corner townhouse member still doesn’t know how to deal with the area next to their own house Also try to come and see your gardening experience in detail. Member number 1862931, Pantip.com website member, because he does it by himself every step. From designing, shopping, paving the walkways and planting trees You can rest assured that you will be inspired to be more generous and this is another very helpful review.

5. Make a rock garden and make a carp pond next to the house

Who wants to arrange a rock garden too? Also make a carp pond Review of gardening next to your house hug mom, Pantip.com member can help because she and her husband are also people who dream of having beautiful nature at home as well. So they decided to study and complete the rock garden and the carp pond by themselves. All of which took almost a year, but they were both happy. Get tired every time you see this garden, tree and fish pond. Let’s conclude that the happiness of this husband-wife couple will have a story. What kind of face Let’s go see  

6. Organize the lawn in front of the house

The experience of landscaping in front of this townhouse is yours. Coconut Sugar Pantip.com website members The man who wants to change the condition of the mottled lawn into a beautiful, attractive, gimmicky and classy lawn under the concept of self-made, inexperienced, economical, does not hire a technician and does not escalate. The process starts from dismantling the grass, adjusting the concrete floor, dropping stones and decorating the artificial grass. More importantly, it would be very proud because I made it by myself. Do not interfere with anyone With a total area of ​​about 30 square meters, spending a budget of 5,600 baht

Gardening by yourself is not difficult. If you have really tried and determined However, Jaruk.com hopes that people who are looking for gardening ideas and are going to do their own landscaping for the first time. Will be inspired by various experiences that we bring togethe