5 popular plants in the house

Plants in the house. Change the space in the house to enjoy the peace in the midst of nature. With the charm of the green space created by beautiful plants, ready to make every corner of the house full of aesthetics and vitality.

Because every little thing has meaning. As well as landscaping in the house to fill the pleasant atmosphere. It is consider as one of the elements. That help make the house pleasant and full of feeling of relaxation without boredom. Therefore, during the past period, many people have turned their attention and started planting more trees in the house. To create a refreshing and pleasant atmosphere, the area in the house is ready for living at any time. But because planting trees in the house is a unique style of landscaping. Because it is an indoor area that cannot receive natural light as fully as landscaping outside the house. Therefore, the selection of plants to be plant in the home must be meticulous and select species that are suitable for the environment of the home as well. This article forfur has collected plants suitable for home gardening. along with tips for raising plants in the house to grow properly to recommend


for beginners who are just starting out in planting or are looking for a plant that is easy to grow. Can be grown indoors as well And it’s inexpensive. The spotted betel plant is another type of plant that is easy to care for. grow fast and can help purify the air in the home as well There are many varieties to choose from, including green spotted betel. Marble Queen The golden queen betel and ivory betel, etc., are characterize as creeping plants that can be planted in both soil and water. Suitable for places in the sun or where there is not much sunlight. It is suitable for landscaping as an ornamental plant in the home as well. Whether to be planted in a cute pot Soak in water in a beautiful glass jar. Ready to be place in various corners of the house. It can complement the beauty and add green space to make the house incredibly refreshing and lively. Just watering 3 times a day. Beautiful betel leaves can stay in the house for a long time.

Money Tree

It is one of the plants outside the current trend that many people may not know that the Suphachoke treeIt is another tree that can be planted in the house as well. Because it is a tropical perennial plant that is easy to raise. Can be plant in all conditions, with good sun and indoors. It is also quite drought tolerant, only 3 days of watering is sufficient for your needs. This species was originally native to South America. Mexico, Brazil and the Hawaiian Islands Later, the species has spread to China, Korea and Japan, with the appearance of the shape of the tall stem. Popularly bending the trunk to make a spiral like a pigtail. which enhances the beauty of the appearance of the bush with leaves that resemble the star’s lobes to look more beautiful and shaped. Most of them are plant as dwarf plants in small pots. In order to be able to place it in different corners of the house well. It is believe that it is an auspicious plant that can bring money into the area of ​​the house.


With the unique shape of the leaves Monstera , which is characterize by openwork and leaf lobes that nature has created beautifully. Therefore, the leaf shape of this type of plant has been integrate into many designs. Both used and home decorations. Which, besides being beautiful, this plant is also in the top category of air purification plants that are popular to be plant in the home as well. which can grow well in Thailand Because the climate is similar to native to the humid tropical forests. Suitable for growing in dim light. If there is strong sunlight, the leaves will burn. Should be place in a well-ventilated place. Have just the right humidity with only 3 days of watering, and don’t overwater until the soil in the pot is wet. Just this will help the plant grow and ready to sprout new beautiful leaves. Or can be plant in water as well. 

Rubber Plant

If you are looking for a houseplant that is popular during this period. One of them must be given to Indian tires. Because of the shape of the leaves that are outstanding, beautiful, unique. With the smooth shine of the leaves and dark green and black tones that contrast with the color of the young shoots which is cover with a pinkish red color As a result, this type of plant has become a popular home tree that many people are looking for to plant a lot. It can also help absorb toxins and help purify the air in the home as well. and need little sunlight Therefore, it is suitable for use as an ornamental plant in the home in different areas perfectly. As for the planting material, it is recommend that it be loamy soil with good drainage. May mix loam soil and coconut husks with a little black husk.


When talking about plants that are strong must give the dragon tongue, which is a tree that can grow in almost any environment. Whether planted on the soil in the outdoor garden or planted in pots set in an air-conditioned room It can tolerate drought conditions for weeks. However, if the soil is too wet, the roots will rot and eventually die. Therefore, the soil condition should be check before watering every time to see what level of humidity. Only four times a day should be water for your needs. Also, the pots should be placed in a well-ventilated place with little sunlight. like the area by the window of the house It will allow the tree to grow well and have a beautiful foliage condition. which in addition to being a home decoration that is highly durable Also recognized by NASA, this genus can help absorb toxins in the atmosphere.