What can you do with leftover glass bottles?

What can the leftover glass bottles do ? Many houses may be troubling with some garbage problems. Let’s take a look at some easy ideas to recycle glass bottles. It helps to reduce waste and can also be use in the kitchen. Let’s see.

6 ideas to recycle glass bottles

1. Recycle glass bottles for dry goods

Glass bottle recycling ideas To come back to use again easily. By bringing in dry items that are use regularly in the kitchen such as rice, sugar, garlic, dried chili, and also help to see easily. How much stuff is left in the jar? (Or is there a moth or mold?)

make cool name tags Stick it on the side of the bottle and add the date to know how long you bought it.

recycled glass bottles for dry goods It really works and helps to decorate the kitchen to look beautiful.

2. Recycle glass bottles for categorizing confectionery equipment

Manage the baking tools of baking lovers to look good. Wether it is a paper cup for baking cupcakes sugar cane jar A small tube of gel or icing for decorating the cake. Or a cookie press can be arranged into a glass jar for easy handling and use.

3. Recycle glass bottles for sauces

Glass bottle recycling ideas Reuse those unused glass bottles you don’t know where to put them in your kitchen. By using it in simple sauces such as seasoning sauce, ketchup, chili sauce, chicken sauce, plum sauce, or even seafood sauce. Labeled for ease of use

For thicker sauces such as ketchup Should choose a bottle with a wide mouth. for ease of pouring And before the bottle is used, it should be scalded with hot water and left to dry before each

4. Recycle glass bottles to help organize the kitchen

Instead of throwing away all the waste glass bottles like body drink bottle Jam jars or glass jars for pickled melons. Try to bring them back and wash them thoroughly. They can be used in a variety of ways according to the size of the bottle that we have.

If it’s a small jar, you can use it as a salt, pepper, or dried herb. While medium-sized bottles can be used to make tea, coffee or sugar bottles, large glass bottles can be used for kitchen utensils such as ladles, spatula, wooden spoons.

For bottles that are used to put various spices Use a brush to clean the nooks and crannies of the bottle and the lid. Then put in the sun until completely dry. and then to be used

5. Recycle leftover bottles into condiment bottles, easy to carry

Dealing with small headaches like preparing various seasonings, from salt, pepper, dipping sauces to various salad dressings. In addition to being heavy, there is a risk of spilling or breaking by recycling the leftover bottles into easy-to-carry condiment bottles.

After use, it should be cleaned. By bringing all the bottles soaked in warm water mixed with dishwashing liquid. Then use a small piece of soft powder to scrub off all the different stains. Dry until dry and then store.

6. Recycle leftover bottles to make vases to look cute

easy vase arrangement ideas The more the house has leftover glass bottles and jars. Sometimes stored for so long that it is almost impossible to bring it back to use. Let’s try to modify it as a vase for flower arrangements.