Review: DIY “fish pond waterfall” dig it by yourself

Fish pond waterfall if anyone’s home has free space, a fish pond with a beautiful waterfall , it would be one of the dreams that we want to have. In addition to helping decorate the house beautifully. It is also a valuable hobby. But going to buy or hire someone to do Would be too wasteful

If we have a good idea Believe it, anything is not too difficult like your bittokov fish pond waterfall that this time in the house brought to the web people to see. Which will be a waterfall, a fish pond that has been thinking by myself, digging by myself, doing everything by myself It takes about 3 days to do it all. Let’s say, don’t wait. Let’s go see it.

I would like to share my experience in making a waterfall fish pond by myself. Total time to do if starting from thinking The first time was about end of January If you really start digging for the first time Beginning of April Until the photo came down here at the beginning of June If it actually started from mining, it was about two months, but actually it wasn’t that long I really summarize the time. Given at the end

Equipment and budget

1.Digging equipment, shovel, waste, hoe, about 200 baht

2. Tarpaulin 3 × 4 meters 1950 including shipping.

3. Water pipes, 1-inch joints, pipe solder Approximately not more than 200 baht

4. Small silicone tube, probably more than 100 baht

5.1 35 interlocking bricks, 18 baht each (very expensive) 630 baht

5.2 Interlocking bricks, 20 blocks, 16 baht per block, 320 baht.

6.1 stones, 40 kilograms, 10 baht per kilogram, 400 baht

6.2 stone 155+ kilo, 8 baht per kilogram, 1,200 baht (get a discount of 40 baht, plus a free weighing time), actually used only about 200

7. Ready-made mortar (5 kilo) 6 bags, 35 baht per bag, 210 baht, actually use only 5 bags.

8. Waterfall mat 200 baht

9. Water pump 600 baht

10. Power cord, plug box, about 500 baht (the cord is already there)

Total 6,510 baht

How to do

1. Make a plan

There are many types of fish ponds that I have searched for. Cement pond, burlap pond, interlocking brick, finished pond.

There is a navel to bring water into the filter. Therefore choosing to make a cement pond, thinking about pouring the floor and pouring the wall already.

Choose to use an interlocking brick canvas pond as it should be easier than doing a cement pond. By drawing a rough outline in the head how to dig a well

To the number 8, then lay the bricks on the side, lay the canvas with the threaded elbow clamped over the canvas, then there was a waterfall.

At first I had to buy a ready-made waterfall, but I saw the price and it was 8-9 thousand. When I went to the waterfall shop, I saw that he was building a waterfall like It’s as simple as taking a small river stone. To create a tall figure So I thought to do it myself. This planning process, I took about two months. Takes a very long time. Because they say they plan well More than half the victory.

2. Dig up the soil, lay the canvas.

2.1 Start by moving the trees first.

2.2 Dig the soil after that, it starts to cling. After completing the dig, dig deep in the middle to lay a pipe and dig through the wall to go through the strainer. But in this picture, the dig is done.

After digging, leave it in the rain, the water flooded the pond, waste time to bail again After that, dig a filter pond.

I used a 62 liter bucket (if I remember correctly), drilled a hole underneath, and then put a 1-inch pipe into the bottom.

Use a pipe binder With silicone waterproofing, then try to put a little water and see if the water leaks or not.

2.3 Laying canvas

I put the canvas on first to find a place to pierce the navel hole. Once it has been positioned, drill a smaller hole.

A little bit of pipe to keep the canvas firmly attached to the pipe. After that Take the silicone and apply it and then another threaded bend.

Which came to spin tightly together After that, apply the silicone around one more time.

This process takes almost a month, but if it really is Should really be used, dig just 2-3 days.

 3. Add water

This step is nothing. Just add water and wait and see if the water disappears from the system or not.

4. After that, arrange the interlocking bricks together with the sheets to support the waterfall.

When I arrived at this point, I just knew that You should sort the bricks before digging in order to get a beautiful curve This process takes another day.

 5. Make a waterfall

Get ready for a pose

Put the bricks in the pipe. Attach the remaining canvas from the fish pond to the back in case of water leakage.

Doing all the stones (bought the first 40 loops), the next day, buy a new one.

Leave it for another day, wait for the mortar to dry, then try to turn on the water.

It turns out that the water from the ufabet waterfall is leaking behind it. Flowed around the water pipes to the ground But luckily cut canvas, crab, fish pond

Leave it a little long, so it forces oil to flow down the canvas and then it flows into the fish pond.

This process takes a total of 2 days.

Finally, I bought a tree to decorate the waterfall. With the wiring to the water pump

This is the end of the experience of fishing in fish pond. Bring to share with friends. Listen for anyone thinking of doing it yourself.