How to make a rope to hang plant pots (Macramae)

The interior of the house with small trees will add freshness and vitality to the home as well. By decorating with trees there are various ways. One of them is decorative hanging pots that save space for decorating.

Today in the house, so I will share how to do it. “String hanging plant pots” , also known as Marame, used to decorate the corner of the room and decorate the corner of the garden to be fresh and beautiful. It is a DIY demonstrating how to do it by Mr. Crafteator . Let’s go see it.

Share how to make a simple rope hanging plant pot to decorate the corner of the room, decorate the garden corner.

Inviting home decoration, decorating the garden in the room Decorate a chic garden corner too.

The plant pot hanger is made from a rope that is tied with the method of coming in from the previous thread.

We used this method to knit the bag as well. Share this method of crocheting a bag called Macrame, it’s not difficult, just tie it and tie it.

Learning 1 basic condition, it can be further applied.

Prepare the equipment

1.Rope (use rope, natural fiber 5 mil)

2. S hook

3. Scissors and find a place to hang or hang when knitting only.

Let’s start doing it.

1. Cut the rope 2.25 m. 7 lines and 2.55 m. 1 string.

2. Roll all the half rope.

3. Take the longest string and wrap it as in the picture 9 times to make a loop when hanging.

4. Cut another rope about 50-75 cm. Tie the rope together. So that he was worried to hang

Began knitting, hanging on the S hook. Convenient to hang on the rail Or hang on a wall hook If not space Hang with a doorknob.

5-6. Divide the rope into 4 groups of 4 strands. Begin in a half square knot, leaving 10 cm from the tangle down. Continue for 15-16 turns.

7. Knit a total of 4 groups, all the ropes will add up to 4 large groups.

8. Then measure from the last lap down another 10 cm. By dividing the rope to look as shown in the figure Since we will use 2 strands of the left group + 2 the right group for a total of 4 strands to make a square knot.

9. Do this cycle for all 4 groups.

11. And knit in a square knot, row 3 measuring 5 cm from the last round.

12. Tie up and finish the work by measuring from the last round down 5 cm.