DIY garden swing from planks and beads

Swings made of planks and beads

The swing is one of the cute home decoration items that in addition to being useful. The charm of the swing always emphasizes the relaxed yet enjoyable feeling of childhood. If in the backyard or front of the house there is a swing hanging under a tree, it will instantly make the house look lively. Today Baan Idea would like to invite readers to try making cute swings that are easy to do by themselves. Just having a wooden board, round beads and a string to string them together and tie them together, you can create a chic swing for the whole family to sit.

What you need to prepare:

  1. 1-inch-wide board x 0.75-inch high.
  2. 14 wooden beads in circumference of 1 inch
  3. White nylon rope, about 6 meters long.
  4. Power drill with 1⁄2-inch drill bit
  5. Sandpaper
  6. 2 large metal loops
  7. Wood coatings (Optional)
  8. Equipment that will be used to attach the swing to the tree.

Start doing:

Step 1: Begin by cutting the planks to the size that fits the body’s physiology. In this project, parents can also sit. Then cut 8 pieces of 7 ” long wood, then use sandpaper to sand the hard edges into curved corners so they are safe from sharp edges and wood burrs.

Step 2: drill a hole in the end of the wood With a 1⁄2-inch drill bit, the location to drill the holes should be about 1⁄2 inch from the outside edge of the wood, not too close to the end of the wood, as the wood could break. But it also depends on the size of the beads.

Step 3: cut the rope into two strands. Each string is 3 meters long, cut the rope and use tape to wrap the ends of the rope together. This will make it easier to string the string through the hole. Then I started using the rope to string the beads alternating with the wooden planks.

Step 4: Complete the string on the top and bottom. The rope was to be tied into a knot to prevent the stick that was attached to it from sliding out. Find out how to tie the knot here.  Netknots, be  sure to use it to hook each end of the rope to secure the knot and prevent the rope from breaking at the end.

When the swing is complete Was attached to the device for installing swings And get ready to sit on a comfortable swing to have fun with the whole family.