A single piece of wood can decorate your home

A single piece of wood can decorate your home. While many people are busy decorating their homes for the new season. To come But we have easy DIY ideas that are ready to transform your home into a stylish and stylish way.

DIY home living horse Decorate the interior of the house to be stylish and functional at the same time. Just take the pre-sized wooden planks that were prepared to DIY as a living horse inside the house. Attaches to the wall firmly. After that, you can place the decorative items such as cushions or small plant pots as you like. In addition to creating a new atmosphere To the area inside the house It also adds coolness to make the house look cooler and more stylish. 

DIY garden decoration for the upcoming season

DIY garden decoration for the upcoming season. Decorate the outside terrace garden to welcome the new season. By adding charm to the oasis corner of the house By using a piece of wood to install on the wall for a floating table Bring chairs to sit and sit together. After that, how do you make this corner of the garden so beautiful? This relaxing area is ready for everyday relaxation.

DIY to add usable space to the corner of the kitchen

DIY to add usable space to the corner of the kitchen. Small kitchen To put things in place, each time seems complicated and doesn’t fit in the way. But you can allocate this space perfectly. Just stick the wooden stick in the corner of the wall to make a kitchen table. Therefore ready to help you have more usable zones. But consumes less usable space than before

DIY table corner

DIY table corner If you want to create a new atmosphere To the corner of the dining room or the lounge area of ​​the ufabet house It can be used to DIY wood panels as a wall table. And put chairs in a matching style to place Whether using this area as a breakfast corner or sipping coffee in the afternoon as need.