7 Trick Reuse Creatively “Reuse Old Egg Trays”

Many houses tend to buy eggs when buying a tray. But when buying multiple trays at the same time, I couldn’t imagine what to do next with the used egg trays. Therefore the total pile flooded until it became like garbage But I will say that these egg trays are still useful because the egg trays can be DIY and creative as a use. And various benefits.

1. Bring the egg tray to cultivate the seedlings.

The size of the egg compartment is small, suitable for growing seedlings. Therefore, it is very suitable for planting seeds in egg trays before planting them in the soil.

2. Used to store small decorations.

Small Christmas tree decorations if you have storage problems. We can bring the egg trays to keep these items.

3.Change the egg tray into gift packaging.

It’s a great idea to reuse old egg trays. And is considered to be very classic Then you work out more ways to wrap up the paper.

4. From the egg tray turned into a palette

This idea is very suitable for children. Do a coloring activity But it might not be ideal if you are going to wear that color for a long time. Because plastic might be more suitable

5. Mix in earthworms food.

Some households have fermented vegetable scraps. Fruits after use. In addition to vegetable and fruit scraps, we can also tear off parts of the egg trays to make them food for worms and earthworms. Then what is composted will become fertilizer that you can also bring to nourish the soil as well.

6. Place your shoes.

This method doesn’t keep the shoes in order. But it may help to keep the soles of the shoes clean on rainy days. Another way is to put the egg tray. Then turn the tray upside down, letting the bottom of the egg compartment face up. Then take the egg tray out of the room. When your shoes are wet, place them on the egg tray to allow the egg tray to absorb excess water from the shoes.

7. Used to store jewelry.

If you want the drawers to be tidy The egg tray insertion tool will make the display even more organized. Especially small pieces of jewelry such as rings, earrings, etc.