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The "bathroom under the stairs", Feng Shui principle

The “bathroom under the stairs”, Feng Shui principle

Feng Shui principle, Single-family houses or townhomes often have bathrooms under the stairs. This is to answer the question of the usefulness of the living space to be able to do fully, but in fact, in the area under the stairs, should there be a bathroom or not? Correct feng shui

Open Plan house, divide the space without restrictions

Open Plan house, divide the space without restrictions

The home is open plan to the popular concept of the house extensively. Because it creates airiness Breaking down the wall picture is solid but proportional. Making us often seen with modern home décor Including old houses, they often use this method.  To open up the open space to be more Open

7 "Ideas for decoration" your home in retro style

7 “Ideas for decoration” your home in retro style

Decoration , the retro style of home decoration will be the decoration of the house with antiques or antiques because actually there are many styles of retro home decoration. And we can choose to have a vintage feel like that. Whether in vintage style, retro style or classic home decoration. Which

"Renovated, old townhouse", home office

“Renovated, old townhouse”, home office

Townhouse mood, detached house, office, showroom, design, stock. All of these are include in the problem of Renovated, old townhouse, narrow face Into a flexible, yet very inviting space The demand for this diverse space was handled by Khun Teerapol Akharathiva and Khun Waranya Nantasanti. Both the

STEPPING PARK HOUSE, nature in the house

STEPPING PARK HOUSE, nature in the house

Modern house that allows trees to invade! Spilling from the inside With designs that pamper people who love trees. Without having to travel far. Then can embrace the tree from inside the house. Let nature move closer to you at close range. Healing the mind to be peaceful. Different from the