When the world started to become “colorful”

Colorful, short words of various meanings with clear positive energy. It is a word that can indicate the uniqueness of a planet called “Earth”, a planet that is most comprehensive than the rest of the universe. When the world started to become colorful The joy ensued. Many life in the world want color, not less than the other.

Since when has our world been colored?

Since the light came to remove the darkness The colors began to unite as a single force in the name of “nature”, so that the earth so bright that human beings could not let those memories fade away with time. When the world can make color in the name of nature Human beings have learned to create color in the form of keeping records, imitating it, and enhancing beauty that is one of our daily lives.

Human beings have known the use of “color” since ancient times. In addition to living in other areas, the memory of our sight has made human beings begin to know the use of color. To record various stories to praise and proclaim that This is the beautiful thing I see. This is the beauty that I have created.

Where can we find the definition of color?

Is from our daily life Color refers to the colors that we see on this planet, green, black, red, yellow, blue, etc. We see each other every day from the opening of our eyes to the world, and color also means The richness and richness of the senses that create a feeling of alertness and happiness. Someone say that color is a non-verbal communication and plays a huge role in our way of life, whether we realize it or not. It is a mafia that influences our feelings of things around us.

Color is essential to life

Called almost every one of them, our lives cannot be lacking in color. Human beings therefore have the ability to use color to create aesthetics in daily life since past times. We discover colors from different sources in nature, from plants, animals, from the soil we tread. From the minerals we have found By the way, color infiltrates more and more places than the water in the world. Household vessels, sculptures, sculptures have been paint and color to make them more distinct and realistic by Neanderthals. Before discovering the natural colors around

Historical evidence along the wall of the cave Was tinged a story as a record for future generations From colors that are naturally produce Including the use of paint to paint down the body to stimulate excitement Create identity Worship beliefs to gain power or use colors as symbols to convey meaning, either. Various historical evidence has therefore clearly indicated that Color has been an important factor in human life since ancient times.

Is it a coincidence or a cosmic mechanism?

There is a story or an assumption of the use of color in the early days that Before, we humans only knew how to use a few colors. The source is just a simple one that can only be see all around. The resulting color is natural, earthy tones and not durable. That is, for a moment, it fades away. Not long after, when humans began to know how to cook while they were sitting around grilling each other. The fat from the meat is drip onto the ground, giving the soil an interesting color. An idea came to light. This is because the color of the soil mixed with the fat of the animal at that time can be drain onto the material but also long lasting. So this fat has been serve as an ingredient. Which is important as a substance that is a component of color Heroic By making the color adhere to the surface of the material.

That has been applied or drained well. Besides fat, a wise human being like us has grown even more impatient. Like someone sparked it Roast the meat anyway, get a long-lasting ingredient. Therefore, there should be other connectors that perform better than this. Therefore, egg whites, bees, linseed oil were introduced. (Oil obtained from flax seeds), glue and casein resin. (Milk protein sediment) and polymers (obtained from starch, cellulose, protein, nucleic acid and natural rubber) were used as ingredients. Causing different types of colors to come up, called trial and error, until the story can be reached until today.

It has evolved immeasurably until it has become a beautiful Colorful nowadays

In the later days, when humans evolved more and further developed in various fields, especially in the field of arts and sciences. Colors have been used more widely and are more exquisite than ever. When I first used only a few colors and it was a naturally occurring color in the latter, it was not quite the same, and that was beautiful. So like this Because human perception of color is greater than that of vision

Is imagination And then this imaginary bastard led to the creation of countless new colors. And evolved over time without rest Until becoming a color of many brands that we can use to create beautiful works that adorn the world with pleasure until today, really want to pay respect to our human ancestors

If the world is not colorful

Let’s just think about it. If this world is lacking in color What does a world full of light and sound in both sleep and awakening look like? All of us, including all living beings, are movies in black and white all the time. Trees, skies, sea, everything are one color. It is an atmosphere of dark darkness. Hundreds of thousands of artists resounded on every continent, all created in the same color scheme.

No lines, colors, shapes, or shadows No brightness We are all alone among many people. All forms of entertainment are completely extinguish. No production invented Life lacks joy It’s a world of silence Stunned and slow to think for fun, as far as I can tell myself and the world that Thank you how colorful this world is.