“Venus in the Shell”, an exhibition on the wall

Khun Yoon Pannapat Techamethakun, Thai artist and illustrator She used to create storybooks to promote her collection for Gucci Tian and to collaborate on drawing for Instagram. Recently, she has held her own solo exhibition entitled  Venus in the Shell”, a collection of works. She has drawn since 2019 to convey the story of Venus in Greek-Roman mythology, the goddess of love, beauty and prosperity. That may have both a beautiful and dark view There are good and bad sides. Disappointed or lonely And are not perfect like humans.

The exhibition itself is a work of frescoes with spectacular patterns and colors. Ready to take you deep into your own mysterious state of mind as well. Through a story that is divided into 4 parts:

Forbidden Flower 

Meet the story of a cute little cat. Looks cleaner than normal cats. And likes lotus very much But the story asks the question of whether the cute cat is still pure and flawless. You have to try to find the answer yourself.

Mandagora in the Vase

Meet the dusky plant, Mandagora, or the human-shaped Mandrake. When it comes out of the ground Will roar so loudly that it can cause death The artist wanted to convey that the plant was like a person who was both beautiful and scary. Useful when being in the right place and being devalued when you’re in the wrong place.

Moonlight Dive

This part is very interesting in that it is a mural tile art that artists have created in collaboration with COTTO using the smallest glass mosaic tile or Mixel, which is only 4.8 mm in size and only 4 mm thick, so it can be mixed and played. Shades Create glitter, can be placed like a real picture It is also produced using 98 percent recycled glass to minimize the use of new resources. By taking over 1, 500 hours to form a brave young warrior image. That plunged into their own shadow. 

The goal is to find the deep inner mind and soul. Comes from the idea that all the time in every People often feel and think about many things that are good and some of them not. Some things that were disliked were accepted and some were pretended to be invisible. All of the above, there may be a part that affects the inner self until the balance. Perhaps dealing with this deep inside is like battling a monster. At least at the beginning, you might not have to think about winning or losing. Just dare to try to dive in and see what kind of environment the space in your heart is. And what the monster looks like.

The Wanderer

the artist, presents a story of time to help forget and forgive those who hurt you by compromise. For forgiveness is the essence of holiness and virtue. Pass on the story of the round goldfish But is it true that the goldfish can forget every Pain of it. What do you think

Try to experience a fun experience. And explore your own mind from Venus in the Shell exhibition at River City Bangkok Galleria, 2nd floor from today – February 28, 2021 (free admission).