“Picture frame”, match with the pictures

Picture frame, another problem that is often encounter by many people who enjoy art is that. What kind of frame should I choose to match with the beautiful pictures I own? Until sometimes it is a thought that should not be overlooked. In fact, we know that for some images, choosing the right frame will help enrich the piece even more. Like Miss Universe, she becomes even more beautiful when she is crowned. Because in addition to the function of protecting the art that is put on picture frames can also play a part in emphasizing the value of the painting.

Color, material, style

It is the first barrier that we cannot overlook. Miss Universe contestants often dress up their designs for special nights. Each woman is dressed in a dress to suit the crown of diamonds she wants. But art is the opposite. Because we will choose the right crown for our image, not the one suitable for the crown.

There are many beautiful picture frames in our house to choose from, many types, materials, and colors. So how do we do it this time? The most important thing is Should not choose a frame that has a more prominent design than the image that we possess. Unless you want your pictures Is the only factor

Simple wooden frame in white, black or dark colors

When we want to emphasize the small image to stand out Choosing a light-colored frame, such as white, is probably the safest option. Especially when it is brought together with a black and white picture. On the other hand, choosing a black or dark frame is apply to a larger image. How big is it? Pee Dam and Pee Tham still have it. Because he came to make the picture more complete. You can call it a beautiful finish without worrying that our pictures will be taken from the scene. And on top of that, a black or dark wood frame can create even more appeal. So many artists choose black frames. Or a simple frame with dark colors used to frame the work itself

Fine pattern frame, Picture frame

Frames with fine patterns, gold and silver frames, this type of frame is very popular and is often use for both paintings and photographs. If you can’t imagine anything, I would like to take the gold and beautiful place first, especially the frame with an exquisite and elegant pattern Or as we know the name “Louis Frame”, but this kind of frame has one common point. He was not suit to a job that was too big with his own big play around. The person who loves the crispy Louise is suitable for the work that is not very large. And the specialty of this kind of frame is that he can make the picture look more powerful. The power of love from the photographs of the married couple or the power of the artist’s imagination expressed in the artwork. This kind of frame does a good job.

Colorful Picture frame

Called all the colors of hair in the world, it’s a simple technique for anyone who’s a colorful line or wants to create a bright, retro style. Want to add some fun to that painting or photo? Choosing a frame that is a pair of opposite colors makes the work look. Avant-garde to another kind But the safest choice is Color selection of Frame in the same tone as the image to be put. However, anything that goes the same way is still the safest.

Box frame

It is a thick and deep frame. Used to be used for work that want to show materials Creating interest in a playful way of art For example, mixed media work Various artifacts, bas-relief works. Embroidery work that wants to show the dimensions of the work but still want to have a frame to create more attraction to make the piece look more interesting. This type of frame will be chosen to do the job right here. As we can see in modern style home decoration It can be said that it can create a chic look that is not quite light.

Adding a margin or margin

We will notice that when margin is added to the image This nice margin makes our image even more stylish. Especially putting a margin on photos or drawings on paper. Because apart from margin will help make the image stand out more Margin can also help protect the edges of the image from being wrinkled or torn. When choosing a margin for the image, it is necessary to look at the suitability of the image to be put. Dark-toned images should not choose a margin that is too small. Light tones should not choose a margin that is too large. Because if a margin is too small or too large From a good helper, it might turn out to be a villain. A suitable and popular margin is usually no more than four to five inches wide. In this section, we can consult an expert, so we have to rely on him. It’s the crispy shop that we go to use.

Where do you put in the frame?

This is something that should not be overlooked. Add a frame to it. Luxurious and beautiful. But it doesn’t push against the wall of your house. All that has been done are almost completely done. Where to place the image of the design surface of the surrounding area, it is no less important that it is the same. A black and white frame may be suitable for a house with a simple, chic design Modern art, frames, natural tones may be suitable for a wooden house with a mood of warmth. Whether there is a space to welcome new art or not

Do you need a framework?

For some works of art, the “frame” has become completely unnecessary. We often see “frameless” in art circles that many contemporary artists, both Thai and foreign. Choose to present your work without framing until it becomes normal. Especially abstract paintings that tend to create thick frames so that the work does not blend in with the wall. This creates an interesting dimension for another form of work. Until it became popular to many photo works that use this method for similar reasons. Give an example of the work of Frank Stella, one of the world’s foremost contemporary artists. Where his paintings were never framed

Do our images need to be framed? It depends on our personal taste and our visual style. All of the above is not a strict set of rules or regulations that will convince anyone to follow. You have the right to choose what you like.

Although the picture frame plays a very important role. Until the stage to create interest to our art. But choosing what you like always brings more happiness, and being “frameless” is nothing to lose. Just like Frank Stella said, What you see is what you see. Is what you see