Pick up your favorite “bike” to decorate your house

If talking about your favorite bike Nobody wants to leave the house outside, but if the area of ​​the house is limited, what to do?

When bicycles are more than just a vehicle and spinning exercise Instead, it turns out to be a modern home decoration ready to bring the mood to your favorite corner with color. If someone already has a favorite bike Prepare to clear the walls of the house well. Then follow us to see ideas of how to turn a bicycle into a home decoration.

Keep it on the wall  

For work rooms or study rooms with a tense atmosphere. Try to choose your favorite bike to give the room a makeover. By making a bicycle storage on the wall Matched with beautiful design furniture Decorated with flower vases If you want to add elegance, recommend to bring a coat hanger as a storage for a chic and cool notebook.

Play in the living room

Adjust the mood of the living room to be lively, but with hidden Thai details. By combining wooden and steel furniture sets with folk pattern triangular cushions Inserted with a favorite bike stored on the wall. Floor lamp Change the living room to be quite different from the original.

Turn old bikes into home decor

In addition to keeping your favorite bike in your home to make it a masterpiece. Mother’s old bicycle, who used to ride to the market, can also be used to brighten up the interior of the house. Let’s start with brick wallpaper paving. Bring a bicycle to decorate the wall Pick up a plant to insert it to make it stand out and to make it interesting.

Hipster house decoration

To create an atmosphere of the room to look attractive like a hipster Try to choose furniture from steel and wood, focus on DIY work  to decorate your house to look chic. It has an industrial and rustic feel. Add it with your photos and make a fun frame. Finally, bring your favorite bike to decorate the wall. Can become a leading point of view

The countryside flair adds a rustic 

feel to the room. By arranging functions to the walls and decorate the mood of the home, vegetable garden. Take an old bicycle and park it in a corner that fits perfectly with various potted plants.

Arranged in the hall 

For anyone who likes the beauty of vintage style. As well as to buy a very cute bicycle in the possession It would not be nice to park the bicycle outside the house, as we said above. This idea is easy. By making wooden pallet racks for bicycle storage stands. At the same time, it became a decoration as well. Try to pair it with a wooden table. Add some flair with paintings on the wall. It looks prettier than anyone else.