“Modern art”, Modern Age

Modern Art 1800 – present

It began at the end of the 18th century in France. Due to the prosperity of science and technology Resulting. In a drastic change in the arts both form and purpose Especially creating paintings Modern artists. They are moving away from their academic adherence (Academic). A rule that is root in Greek and Roman art. Let’s use each person’s feelings, thoughts and creativity independently. Completely separate art from religion Art is truly a personal matter of a person. Fully exercise the right to freedom of expression As a result, many new art forms have emerge in Europe and the United States. It can be briefly mention as follows

Neo classical, Modern art

Neoclassical is an art form at the juncture between modern and old. The paintings will reflect civilization stories. Emphasize the grace of the shape of the human body and the composition of the image, large, strong, stable, harmonious color and balance of light. And beautiful shadows

An important artist of neoclassical art, Chak – Louis David (1748-1825) is regard as the foundation of neoclassical art. Famous paintings such as The Oath of Horatij, The Death of Marat, Battle of the Roman and Sabines, etc.


Romantic art It is a joint art from the neoclassical style. Showing a story that is exciting, provocative, deeply move to the audience Romantic artists believe that art can create it self through the emotional value of the viewer and creator. An important artist of romantic art is Gericault, a famous painting of the Raft of the Medusa, Delacroix. Excited, such as the scene of the execution at Tichio, the death of Shadar Napa. The brutality of Mrs. Rebecca, etc. Francisco Goya (Francisco Goya) likes to paint pictures showing torture. Killing in madman wars, including nudity such as Maya the nude.


Realism artists believe that truth is the reality of human life, so they write images that are direct experiences of life, such as poverty, revolution, inequality in society. By focusing on the most realistic details The main artists in this group are Daumier, who are fond of portraying the real life of poverty, Courbet loves to paint everyday life, and Manet social irony. Occupation.


Impressionist artists are getting tire of their natural aesthetic style. Transformed into an atmospheric connection highlighted by the Impressionist’s major artists include Claude Monet, Sisley, Degas, Pissaro. Manet, Renoir


Post-Impressionist art will not mimic the truth by creating new shapes. But applied a scientific method such as painting by dashes technique, highlighting colors, light and shadows to create dimension, atmosphere, beauty and impression. Among the artists are Van Gogh, Matisse, Bonnard, Cezanne, Gauguin, and Seurat.

20th century modern art

Phovismism It is an art that expresses the bright colors, intense artists in this cult are Henri, Mathis abstract art. It is an art that does not show realistic shapes. But shows about color and emotional and emotional power, cubism art It’s a semi-abstract art. Expressed by associative volumes There is beauty according to the principles of aesthetics truly. The leading artist of Cubism art is Picasso.