How to “decorate” a so cool home with art

Decorate beautiful paintings, works of our favorite artists. In addition to being a collector’s destination Home decor lovers often choose a beautiful piece of art to add color to their beloved home. But sometimes there are problems that distract us in the end, I do not agree how to deal with those paintings.

Prepare yourself before accepting a beautiful job at home

For decorating the house with artwork The first thing to be aware of is not art. But it is your home separately Make sure you buy a beautiful piece beforehand. Your home will be ready to welcome that beautiful piece as a new member, actually decorating your home is like dressing up.

The clothes you choose to wear should match the personality of each person. Works of art as well What kind of pictures should this house be decorated with? Which picture will be suitable for your living room, office or bedroom? What size of the picture should be in order to fit perfectly on the wall to hang, these works are things to consider before buying.

The house is ready Are you ready for art?

It’s time to go shopping for your favorite things. But the favorites in this round will be our favorite works of art. Is it our own home? To decorate each and every time, it should show our identity as much as possible. There are many works of art on sale in the galleries that you can choose as you like. But before we go, we should take a picture of the inside of our house. And even in this day, technology has advanced so far that we don’t have to leave the house tired. Just open and click and it’s as easy as flipping your palm.

There are many works of art in the online marketplace. Whether it is the work of young artists who are original work or even LIMITED EDITION PRINTS, which brings the work of national famous artists. Print in high resolution, close to the real thing. Allowing us to choose the image that is pleasing to the eye at a price that we can easily reach to own. Easy to manage and decorate in different rooms in our house ever.

The artwork is ready. Let’s start decorating the house

Decorate when having the desired works of art in their possession It’s time for your favorite picture to go on the wall. Do not forget that visibility is important. Because the image is too low or too high In addition to not creating beauty in your room. A fine piece of art can be a bit too overwhelming in the blink of an eye. Considered a waste of things ever The level of the image mounting height of 145 centimeters is the human eye level and is used as a standard for the installation of works displayed in the gallery. Or general art exhibitions often, we will adopt the criteria of working here and apply to our home, it is not illegal.

Create a fake frame before actually doing it.

Oh, it sounds like a big deal, what a grand elephant. But wait a minute, this is the easiest way to get the big picture. For some people, it can be difficult to imagine how each picture they have on hand. When attached to the wall How does it look like? An easy way is to use the paper that can be found in the house. Cut to the size of our existing image and test it by placing it on the wall. Will handle, rock, move, move, whatever position is comfortable Or some of you may use the method to take pictures and create decorate a frame as a sketch.

Then the position of the image is considered as an easy way to see as well. Or maybe draw a line to define the position to place roughly first by trying to draw a line that is the nature of the frame will make us see the picture on the wall more clearly.