Application of “art for living”

Art for living as everyone knows The most important thing to human life is the four factors: habitat, food, clothing. And medicine We need housing to protect against external hazards. We need food to keep our bodies healthy. We need clothing or clothing to cover our bodies from heat and cold. And we need medicines to cure ailments. All of these things are essential and essential to life. Extremely human when humans realize the importance. Human beings have to pay a lot of attention and care to such matters.

In other words, an emphasis on details will be taken into account. And add factors to meet the needs And show the value of that beauty If humans agree that art is Expression of emotions according to contentment Art is also very useful and involves factors that satisfy emotional needs. If humans are stress Art can bring joy. Show that he has access to art, in addition, access to art will make human tastes good. Having taste is associated with art and design. Tastes are human pleasures that bring the principles of art to perfection. Because of the fit and satisfaction. If man had a good access to art, he would have a good taste, so art is useful to human beings and to life today. By applying art in daily life is the introduction of principles of art in combination with living, which are Art and living Art and food And art and clothing

Art and living

Art and living We humans need a place to protect. Protection from the environment around. Wherever humans are How to place Homes will be built. To protect against the harmful effects of the environment outside your home is one of the most important and essential factors for human life. Human beings are always developing their homes to meet their needs and satisfaction. Therefore bringing the principles of art to be integrate into the decoration. To make living in the home convenient both physically and mentally And expresses the beauty. And has the tastes of homeowners as well

Art and food

Art and food Besides satisfying the physical needs of humans Food also satisfies psychological needs. Society and culture Therefore, in the consumption of food, food organizers must use art to create food decorations. In order to make food to enhance while the art of food There are artistic elements involve in the food arrangement.

Art and clothing Clothes

Art and clothing Clothes are meant to cover the body. And protect against harm from the external environment. And clothing also helps to strengthen the personality to have a good image. To have a good image That person will have to choose a good dress, tastes of the dress, depending on the art. The art of dress is important. The dress generally takes into account the size, shape, gender, age and personality of the wear. And art will be an additional or decorative addition to taste Art is associated with clothing and dress.

It can be seen that the art It is not about the artist who created the work. Not just a painting But it is all around us That we can create our own unique art From various inspirations and fantasies Making art live closely with our lives.